Mar 19

Fox Daniels: Fox Return 3/19

Hi.Im trying to send you all a message of apologies to my friends who had hoped to see me daily like I promised. I havenât been the best at keeping up with my scheduled times and decided to cancel my account altogether due to constraints. But now I have decided to dedicate seven hours a day, Mon-Fri which usually happens at around 4pm, to 11pm. I will make a weekly post with updated schedule changes just in case it isnât big enough on my profile or otherwise hidden for whatever asinine reason. -Fx.

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Mar 16

Jason Cocks: How Thirtsy Am I on a Thursday?

Hey Guys!So this is my first blog posting. But basically today was just like any other work was lame, for those who don’t know I am a bartender. Money was great but the people were so needy and annoying so now I’m sitting in a local bar thinking about what to do with the rest of my night. Do I sit here alone and continue to drink (because I work so much that I don’t have any friends.) Do I try and find something to take home (though I haven’t has sex in almost a year) or do I come home and chat with the people who keep me company at night. Decisions, decisions…I think option two sounds good. I’m a young hot guy with a big cock, and many of you can attest to that. FINGERS CROSSED ILL HAVE A HOT STORY FOR YOU ALL TOMORROW…If not I’ll be on cam around 3 am EAT lol ð~,

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